New three song digital EP "Krapp's First Tape" out now on bandcamp. Soon on other platforms.


Some upcoming gigs at the end of summer:

25 July @ Woodstockeboda

1 September @ Skeppet, Göteborg w/ Exorcist GBG

2 September @ Kafé de luxe, Växjö 


Video by Maciej Kalymon for new song "Smut"  is up! Check it out. 


New album If the Door is Opened, it's Opened from the Outside, is out june 5 on Kontra-Musik.

A release party will take place at Inkonst in Malmö Saturday June 3, and a smaller event June 5 at Rundgång record store, where the sound artist Herman Müntzing will perform a live remix of the album.