We just finished two long monotonous pieces in the studio – which we are really excited about! Hope to be able to share them with you in a near future!


In 2014 VED toured Central Asia. In the village of Zerafshan in the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan we found an abandoned Soviet factory and recorded this improvisation. Filmed at location by Maciej Kalymon and Michael Cavanagh.
Edited by Maciej Kalymon.
In cooperation with Centralasiengrupperna.



We are very happy to be playing the Avantgarde festival in Schiphorst again, june 23-25 this summer. Together with Asmus Tietchens and Faust, among others! Honored and looking forward! Buy your tickets now!


VED are currently working on some new recordings, and will hopefully release one or two 12″ vinyls during spring 2017.

There will also be some live action, including new collaborations – stay tuned!

Copenhagen Psych Fest 16/7

Hey, short update.
So the promotor at Copenhagen Psych Fest decided to re-schedule our stage time on saturday. WE ARE NOW ON AT 18:20 instead of 00:00. Still at Byens Lys though.
Hope to see you although we are playing this much earlier. Sorry about the inconvenience!
SOOOOO 18:20 folks